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AminoCow® Version 3.5.2
Build November 14th, 2010

Check the About section of the Help menu in your AminoCow program to make sure you have the latest build.

This build fixes errors in:
1. Compatibility issue with later versions of windows installer.
2. New install issue with Mep30_ rations
3. Importations into Mep30_rations file

Note: Most users will not detect a difference; however, upgrading may prevent future errors.

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AminoCow® - The Dairy Ration Balancing Program

AminoCow® features a Windows compatible interface. The spreadsheet format shows you the impact of ration changes on nutrient supply quickly and easily. The full nutrient profile, including amino acid content, is included to help you better balance your rations. The amino acid supply calculations have been field tested and validated with the latest dairy nutrition research.

AminoCow® is a simple, common-sense approach to generating sound dairy rations that can help improve the life and productivity of your dairy cows. Register today and preview the free, evaluation version.

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